In trucking accidents, where law and medicine intersect, your lawyer stands in the breach. As a patient injured in a trucking accident, you want and need quality medical care and treatment, particularly for those injuries which are serious or may become so in the absence thereof. As a injured party seeking financial compensation as a result of the trucking accident, along with a measure of justice, the importance of medical documentation is the primary tool which your lawyer may use to accomplish this.

At a trucking accident trial, before anything else, properly admitted medical record evidence is often the most crucial part of the task. The medical record is often powerful evidence of an injury’s occurrence both from the standpoint of its timing, causation and magnitude of the trucking accident injuries. Months and sometimes years after memory of the actual events of the trucking accident have faded in the minds of those involved, the medical record remains as direct evidence. The reasons for the medical care relating to the trucking accident, the symptoms being experienced and objective findings of your physicians may make a strong impression on the Court/Jury.

With that in mind, immediately after a trucking accident, it is generally your task to seek out prompt and competent healthcare where you can find it and to do so in a timely and consistent manner. It is your trucking accident lawyer’s task to obtain, comprehend and at times discuss with you the implications of what is being recorded in the medical records associated with your trucking accident. In all cases of a serious trucking accident injury, litigation is contemplated at the outset although not necessarily instituted immediately for various reasons. However, medical and sometimes non-physician experts should be obtained to consult, review and guide the scientific and technical aspects of the trucking accident case developments as related to the trucking accident.

A trucking accident lawyer must strive to maintain good communication channels with you, your physicians and consulting experts, while coordinating the process as it unfolds. The persisting inquiries which must be adequately explored, supported and documented are obvious and yet sometimes easy to overlook:

  • What happened in the trucking accident and why?
  • What could have been done differently or not done at all which would have likely avoided your harm in the trucking accident?
  • Who are all the persons/legal entities which may be legally responsible for some or all of your injury sustained in the trucking accident?
  • Are you doing or have you done all that is reasonable to minimize the impact of the trucking accident injury?
  • Have you provided your trucking accident lawyer with all the facts and circumstances associated with the trucking accident which are known to you and those whom you believe may have additional info?
  • Have your goals and expectations been addressed bearing in mind the often evolving nature of your medical and vocational progress following the trucking accident injury?

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