When one sustains trucking accident injuries, pre-settlement funding may be essential in some circumstances, however, pre-settlement funding should generally only be considered an option as a last resort. With pre-settlement funding, there is generally no payback required while your trucking accident case is still pending, but the accrued interest due at the time of settlement or judgment of the trucking accident case often exceeds that of a high interest credit card. Still, when confronted with the potential loss of a home or other serious hardship from injuries sustained in a trucking accident, there may be no better alternative if one does not have the personal or family resources to adjust. Insurance companies will seldom make partial advances in trucking accident cases except as required by law even when liability is 100% clear and you plead with them to do so.

Once adequate file documentation exists to substantiate that the trucking accident is not primarily your fault and that the amount of money which you require on a pre-settlement funding basis bears a logical connection to the degree and manner in which you were injured in the trucking accident, funding can often be obtained within several days. Paperwork is minimal and no matter how long the case takes to complete, payback is deferred until resolution of the legal case involving the trucking accident. Most of the time the funding is advanced on a non-recourse basis which means that if you lose your trucking accident case you keep the advance without penalty or payback.

If interested, contact us using our Trucking Accident Free Case Evaluation form. The information you choose to provide will be held in strict confidence even for non-accepted trucking accident cases.

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